Suite 4–Shared office space (Rent-a-Desk)

A single suite of 432 square feet across from the Conference Room and convenient to restrooms and coffee area. Secure storage closet plus a built in cabinet space and counter space in the office.  At present equipped with three large work areas.  Quiet!

Monthly rent is $500 with shared amenities included. Rates are based on a one-year lease agreement, monthly rents negotiable for longer leases.

This office at present is the office for Doug Risser and MTS Realty, LLC dba The Exchange Business Suites and The Exchange Travel Services.

Rent-a-Desk Options

Suite 4 has the possibility of being available to 3 or 4 people who simply want to rent a desk.  Come and go as you please at any time.  No need to clear off your desk when you’re not there.

Monthly rent, desk provided $200; two desks $375.

Suite 4_0 Suite 4_1 Suite 4_2 Suite 4_3